Readings and Tools

Part I: The Emerging Latin American Region
Chapter 1: The Economic Turnaround
Latin American economic outlook 2014.
Latin America’s economies: The wrong way.
World Bank resource for identifying key economic indicators.
Chapter 2: Economic Realignment and Regional Polarization
Latin America’s great economic divide.
From polarization to fragmentation-Recent changes in Latin American urbanization.
Brazilian Human Resources at a Polarized Latin America.
The impact of globalization on Latin America: The Case of Colombia
Chapter 3: The Competitive Environment of Latin America
Competitiveness in the Latin American manufacturing sector: Trends and determinants
Innovative cities: Key challenges for Latin American and Caribbean cities
Chapter 4: The Latin American Consumer Market
Building globally competitive cities: The key to Latin American growth
Chapter 5: Marketing Strategy in Latin America
GSMA- Telecom Advisory Services 
Part II: Culture and Managerial Styles in Latin America
Chapter 6: Latin American Business Culture
Comparing managerial values in 12 Latin American countries
Organizational implications of Latin American culture
How culture affects work practices in Latin America
Values and attitudes towards women in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico
Chapter 7: Management in Latin America
Culture and Management in the Americas
Best Human Resource Management Practices in Latin America
The global war for talent in Latin America
Why top management eludes women in Latin America: McKinsey global survey results.
Developing leaders in Latin America
Humanistic leadership: Lessons from Latin America
Managing human resources in the Latin American context : The case of Chile
Part III: Strategies for Latin Markets
Chapter 8: Company Strategies for Firms from Outside the Region
Has Coca-Cola gone flat? 
KFC rules in Peru as nation is bastion of U.S. fast food
Latin America’s great divide
Toyota seeks resurgence in Latin America
Junk food feels the heat in Latin America
Chapter 9: Global Latinas and National Champions
Global Latinas: Latin America’s Emerging Multinationals
The making of an emerging market champion
Brazilian Multinationals: Competences for Internationalization
Chapter 10: Entrepreneurship in Latin America
Latin American entrepreneurs: Many firms but little innovation
Wences Casares: Reluctant serial entrepreneur
Part IV: Challenges for the Future of Business in Latin America
Chapter 12
Latin America and the Caribbean must strengthen capacity to use information and communication technologies
Women play key role in economic gains in Latin America and the Caribbean.
How to reduce poverty: A new lesson from Brazil for the world?
Shifting gears to accelerate shared prosperity in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Latin America’s growth prospects fizzle on local concerns.